Hi! I'm Rafael. Professionally, I am a Front End Engineer. On the evenings and on weekends, I spend my time working to tame and beautify my backyard, which is then my sanctuary to listen to podcasts, enjoy some tea , or play a game of basketball with my son. But let's be honest -- you're here to learn about my how my skills can help you bring your project to life!

I am experienced and have worked with various companies from large coffee and concierge providers, local in town businesses (i.e. restaurant, barber shops, real estate brokers) to small start ups. These varying exerperiences have helped me to gin valuable experience to work with a multitude of clients. Equal to my experience is my passion for my craft. I enjoy the whole process - mocking designs to developing the web and software aspects to bring a project to life.

I feel called to work with smaller companies to help them reach their audiences through the web without breaking the bank! I am comfortable working with pre-existing websites/applications or starting from scratch to create a custom project. I look forward to hearing from you, so that I can answer any questions or put together a quote for you!